Where to Store Your Night Vision Scope

Where to Store Your Night Vision Scope

Night vision devices can be expensive, even the affordable ones do come at a pretty penny. You always want to protect the items you purchase and with a night vision scope the best way to protect it, is to always ensure that you store it in the right place and in the right way. Where to store your night vision scope?

The answer is not in one specific place but there are a number of things you can do to protect your night vision scope. Protecting your scope will ensure that you can take full advantage of the scope and prolong its life for many happy night time hunting trips.

So what should you keep your scope away from?

Bright Lights

The number one killer of night vision devices is bright light. So you never want to have your scope out in the day light – so no using it in the day people. But sunlight is not the only light you should keep away from your night vision scope.

You always want to keep them away from the headlights of vehicles, flashlights and any other light source as all light sources can potentially damage your night division devices if they are exposed to them.

Your high quality devices (usually the most expensive types) feature automatic overload circuit turn off capabilities. This allows the device to protect itself from bright light damage by sensing light and turning off the circuits.


you also want to protect your night vision scope from impact. Units often have image intensifier tubes that are very delicate. So you must always remember to handle your night vision devices with care and store them in places where they won’t be subject to a lot of moving and jolting.

Humidity and Fog

You want to keep your electronic devices away from your night vision devices as well. Try to keep them in dry environments as prolonged exposure to humidity and moisture can damage your night vision devices seriously. There are waterproof devices out there and you can always choose those for added protection in that area.


You want to keep your night vision devices clean by using nonabrasive cleaning cloths. The lens can be very delicate and so will scratch easily. Treat the lens of your night vision device in just the same way that you would treat the lens of your camera. So only use products that are designed for lens care to clean your night vision device lens.

When you are not planning on using your night vision device for a while you will want to remove the batteries. At this point you want to ensure you choose a cool, dry and dark place to store your night vision device.

The reason you want to remove the batteries is because you don’t want there to be any leakage that can damage the internal mechanisms of the devices. You want to ensure that you always leave the device off so that you don’t accidentally decrease the life span of the tube.

So taking care of your night vision device is not just about where to store your night vision scope. Yes you want to store it in a cool, dark and dry place but you also want to ensure that you take care of it outside of where it is stored.

Ensure you take the batteries out when you will be going for long periods without using it and always, always keep the lens covered and protected. Remember they are sensitive and should only be maintained with products that are specifically designed for lens care.

Increasing the lifespan of your Devices

Whatever you do, never drop your night vision devices. They will last for a lifetime if you take proper care of them, storing them in the right places and in the right way and maintaining and cleaning them with the right products.

A gen 1 product will have a finite lifespan but your gen 2 systems can give you up to 500 hours of use while Gen 3 models can provide you with up to 12000 hours of use. If you always remember to turn off the device when not in use that will also greatly increase their life span.

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