The Sightmark Photon XT Digital Night Vision Riflescope: For Long and Efficient Use

The Sightmark Photon XT Digital Night Vision Riflescope: For Long and Efficient Use

Night vision rifle scopes are tools that are very can provide huge benefits to individuals who need assistance in seeing in the dark. Gun competition shooters, hunters, military men, and law enforcement officers need the aid of a night vision riflescope to enable them to hit their targets in a dark setting.

Raccoon and hog hunters who can only do their hunting at night especially benefit from having a night vision riflescope since this enables them to see better in the dark. One of the top night vision riflescopes in the market nowadays come from the array of models by Sightmark.

The Sightmark Photon XTdigital night vision riflescope is one of the most preferred models in the market because of its great features that are efficient and easy to use. In this article, we will discuss the features that the Sightmark Photon XT digital night vision riflescope has to offer.


A summary of the features of the Sightmark Photon XT digital night vision riflescope is as follows:

  • Can be used for both day and night
  • 33% longer battery life
  • 30% lighter weight than other night vision riflescope models
  • Medium range precision placement
  • Has a digital reticle with of colors red, green, or white
  • Has 6 reticles: German-style, 2 crossbow, 2 duplex-style, Mil-Dot
  • Provides 4.6x magnification for clearer view of the target
  • Has a large 42mm objective lens
  • Its 640 x 480 resolution provides detailed view up to 120 yards distance
  • Provides eye relief even after long usage
  • Has a built-in 810nm LED IR illuminator
  • Bright light resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Shockproof
  • Has an additional weaver for rail accessories
  • Permits you to record videos with its video output
  • Includes carrying case, user manual, video cable, and lens cloth cleaner
  • Uses two AA batteries and can last up to five hours
  • Lens material is made of glass while the body is made with glass-nylon composite and metal
  • 30mm tube diameter
  • Length: 15.7 inches
  • Weight: 23.6 ounces

The Sightmark Photon XT digital night vision riflescope is one of the most preferred models of gun users that need aid for night shooting. This night vision riflescope model is effective in providing ease of shooting for medium range targets.

It has three color options of red, white, and green. Also, there are six digital optical options that you can use depending on what works best for you. You can choose between two different crossbows optical, two duplexes optical for hunting, Mil-Dot optical, and a German-style optical.

The 4.6x magnification, 42mm lens, and 640 x 480 resolutions will provide you with the clear and sharp view of your target as far as 120 yards. With 33% longer battery life, you can use this night vision riflescope for up to five hours!

Furthermore, since this riflescope is 30% lighter, you can hold your rifle for a long period of time with ease. An added feature of this riflescope is the video output that lets you capture everything in action whether you use it during the day or night.


  • This model has 33% longer battery life that can last for five hours of use
  • It is 30% more lightweight than other riflescope models so you can use it for a long period of time with ease
  • Provides three reticle colors you can switch in between red, green, or white
  • You can choose between six reticle styles depending on your target


  • Some buyers report having the need to return their purchased unit due to factory defects
  • There are users who feel that the sight view can be a bit grainy


The Sightmark Photon XT digital night vision riflescope is a great model for people who would like to use their rifles at night. It has a longer battery life capacity and a lighter weight that lets you use your riflescope for an extended period of time with ease.

The various reticle styles and colors will let you choose the options that you want for better sighting and viewing of your target. The clear resolution provided by its objective lens will let you shoot your target with ease.


The majority of the individuals who have purchased this item are satisfied with the features and specifications of the Sightmark Photon XT digital night vision riflescope. Since Sightmark is one of the top producers of heavy-duty and efficient riflescopes, this model lives up to the quality of providing efficiency and versatility.

People who need to sight targets from a medium range distance feel satisfied with using this model due to the clear and crisp views that this model’s lens can provide.

Even though there are some reviews about buyers asking for a replacement of their unit because they can’t turn on the device upon receiving it, they stated that once they got the unit to work, they are satisfied with its overall performance


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