Night Vision That Mounts In Front Of Scope

Night Vision That Mounts In Front Of Scope

Night vision that mounts in front of scope has become quite popular. Truth is that ever since the invention of night vision scopes it has been obvious that one major convenience of the devices was that one would need to re-zero the scope every time you switch it with your day scope. This was a problem for those avid hunters who did both day and night time hunting.

To make this easier you often found that one hunter would dedicate two rifles to hunting and would have one where they mounted their day time scope and one to which they mounted their night time scope.

Either that or they would have the task of switching between day and night vision scopes each time they were going to go shooting in a different setting. None of these scenarios were ideal or convenient and so out of this problem a solution was created. The solution was the night vision clip on.

A clip on night vision is designed so that it can work along with other sights such as a daytime scope, binocular or spotting scope etc. With just a night vision clip on you can turn your day time scope into a device with night vision capabilities. Note that most of the clip on night vision devices that are currently on the market will work best with a day time scope that has a magnification range of up to 4x.

The beauty with these clip-on is that you can mount them in a number of ways which allows you some amount of versatility. Depending on the way you set up your equipment and depending on the type of day time optics you have you could either mount the scope directly in front of the day scope right on the rail or even directly onto the scope.

This is great especially if you have guns that do not have weaver rails, so it allows you some amount of flexibility. It is also flexible as it allows for use with daytime optics that has a non-weapon mount.

A great front mounting night vision scope is the Sightmark Photon XT. Truth is a forward mounting scope may feel heavier when you have to be out for hours. Over time you can get fatigued if you have a heavy mount.

You also need to have a mount that has a long eye relief which is again for your comfort and for your accuracy especially when out on a long hunt. With the Sightmark Photon you are covered. This night vision scope is an ideal choice if you are looking for a forward mounting scope. It is lightweight, accurate and offers long eye relief.

The Photon XT is really a medium range placement model but it is a very versatile and powerful little device. This scope offers higher magnification along with a frame that is up to 30% lighter than the competition while offering up to 33% more battery life than that of the competition.

The device also allows for clear viewing up to 120 yards so you know you will be able to comfortable hunt with this device while staying at a safe distance so you don’t startle your prey.

All these are great features for a forward mounting scope – features that you want in the scope that you choose if you are seeking night vision that mounts in front of scope.

A night vision that mounts in front of scope is ideal for you if you do both day time and night time shooting. With a vision that will mount in front of your day time scope you don’t have to dismount your scope every time you want to go for a night hunt.

The easiest solution to this problem is to get a clip on scope which you can easily attach and detach while allowing your day mounted scope to remain in place. Clip-ons are the most affordable options and do offer good quality visuals at a good range.

However if you are looking for something more intense you can opt to choose another type of scope that you can mount in front of your day scope. Whatever you choose ensure that it is lightweight and that it provides long eye relief to ensure that you will be comfortable especially since you will now have two scopes on your weapon which can easily add weight that can lead to fatigue.

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