How to Shop For a Night Vision Scope

How to Shop For a Night Vision Scope

If it is your first time shopping for a night vision scope you may wonder how to shop for a night vision scope. There is a lot of information out there and also a lot of different types of devices. Then there are the different generations and how they perform and you have so many options from digital night vision to night vision with magnification and infrared illumination.

It would really mean that you would have to cover everything about night vision to ensure you make the best purchasing decision. But that is going to prove to be very time consuming and so what we have done is to put together the most common mistakes to avoid when purchasing your night vision scope. Once you avoid these you will end up with the right scope for your needs.


One of the main mistakes a lot of people make when purchasing a night vision scope is that they do not evaluate the performance of different generations. Then they go ahead and purchase a scope from a generation that doesn’t provide them with the features that they need.

Truth is that the higher the generation then the better the performance, the picture quality is better and the range will be longer. You may find that upper generation models will come with even better warranty packages.

Device Type

Many times people make the mistake of purchasing a goggle or binocular – something they can only use to aim. Truth is you could get more use out of a monocular but all in all if you purchase the wrong device type you could really limit your night vision and your hunting efficiency.


The right accessories can really help to increase your efficiency several times over. Adding an IR illuminator with long range or adding magnification lenses can easily make your hunting process easier and more effective as you will be able to precisely hit target more often than not. You must ensure that the accessories you choose will be compatible with the device you own or are considering to purchase.

Single Purpose Purchases

While you may only have one reason to purchase a night vision device it is nice to know that you can use many of these for multiple purposes. These can be used for a number of wildlife activities such as night hiking, fishing and boating, astronomy and much more. When you use your devices for other purposes you can really see where you get value for money especially if you had chosen a more expensive model.

Company / Manufacturer

Read your customer reviews and not just those that focus on how a product operates but also those that focus on how customer service reps for these manufacturers and sellers operate. Many times there will be inferior and dead on arrival products.

Even from the best companies you will find these every now and again but how the company deals with these issues says a lot about them. You want to protect yourself so that if you ever get a defective product you don’t end up stuck with it.

With that said you want to be careful of sale items, discounted items and refurbished items. These could all mean lower quality images and poor performance as well as high probability of blemishes and other malfunctions.

The truth is that factories don’t just throw defective or slightly off products away. They may offer them for sale at discounted prices when they find that they test a little below their standard.

While these may be good options for some people, if you are serious about night time hunting then you want to get the best quality product. Pay the extra and don’t bother with the items that are discounted especially when they are marked as refurbished.

These often don’t have warranties or may not have full warranties so you may get stuck with something that doesn’t perform as well as you would like. Instead you should go ahead and purchase a full price option that will have a full warranty so you know your purchase is protected.

Armed with this information now you know how to shop for a night vision scope and get the right device and find value for money with a device that will work just right for your needs.

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