Affordable Night Vision Scope

Affordable Night Vision Scope

An affordable night vision scope with good quality features is not that hard to find. In fact, now is a great time to get a night vision hunting scope. With improvements in technology and manufacturing techniques these products are becoming better and manufacturers are reducing costs.

You will find that a lot of the newer, digital scopes are less expensive than older scopes with intensifier tube technology but they also provide better quality, better usability and are overall just better options for the modern hunter.

It can be hard to find the right product to meet your needs at the right price point. You will find a lot of information online from people who are supposed to be experts in the area as to which scopes are better. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes jargon can become a bit technical.

But if you don’t want all that technicality, you are in the right place. We get it, you enjoy hunting at night or you are a farmer and it is a must to protect your farm. Whatever your needs, you can get a good quality and affordable night vision scope – you don’t have to pay top dollar to get a good one.

In today’s dynamic world with scopes featuring CMOS chip technologies and infrared illuminators night vision scopes are really good. First bit of advice is to stay away from Gen 1 devices. Chances are if you are hunting at night you are shooting at a target that is less than 100 yards away.

You may be shooting up to 150 yards to a baited feeder from a stand or you could be shooting from a road into a field with your target up to 300 yards away. You could be doing a walk and stalk night hunt for those varmints that will destroy your crops.

You could be hunting in open fields, in wooded conditions, in humid conditions, in rain or in snow. All these conditions set the precedence for what type of device you will need to purchase.

Categories of Night Vision Devices

There are three techy categories for night vision devices.

1.  Intensifier Tubes

2.  Thermal

3.  Digital

You can find these as stand-alone, dedicated scopes or as clip-ons. The clip on allows you to simple attach a night vision device to your already mounted scope.

This is great if you do both day time and night time hunting so you don’t have to worry about mounting and un-mounting two different types of scopes every time you are ready to go out.

Clip-ons allow you to use them with multiple guns without having to go through re-sighting and they allow you to still have a functional day scope if the night vision scope fails.

Dedicated scopes are good choices if you only ever do night time hunting or if you have multiple guns and will have one specifically for your night times hunts. In such a case you don’t have to worry about changing scopes on the same gun and so you can always have your night vision dedicated scope mounted and ready to get into action.

Price Points

Depending on how much you know about hunting and night vision equipment you may already have an idea of what an affordable night vision device should cost. For those who have been hunting for a while and who have had the chance to work with different scopes they will consider a good quality affordable night vision scope to be at a price point of around $1000.

But for the entry level hunter or the farmer just trying to protect their crops or livestock, $1000 may seem like a high price. The truth is that you can find a good quality scope for your night time hunting sessions at around $500.

This is especially true when looking at digital models that can provide you with clearer images but have been manufactured at less expensive costs because manufacturers took advantage of new technologies that cut production costs so these can be passed on to the customer.

So at around $500 you can get yourself a good quality affordable night vision scope that will get the job done and will have you having productive night hunts from now on.

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