Best Night Vision Scope

Best Night Vision Scope

The best night vision scope is now no longer only for the elite. Not too long ago only a certain set of people were using night vision scopes. These people included the military, police officers and otherwise wealthy individuals who did sport hunting in their leisure time.

With terrorism so abundant and rampant, the interest in night vision technology has increased tenfold since attacks of 9-11. This has caused night vision scope manufacturers to think twice about their designs and pricing options.

As a result, you would have found that both the size and prices of these items have been reduced remarkably in the past decade or so. This means good news for civilians who can now purchase a good quality night vision optic at an affordable price.

The best night vision scope is a great addition to your gear if you enjoy nighttime hunting or like to do your target practice at night. Your best option should be an optic that offers a focused and clear picture along with a reticle that is usable.

For your reticle to work well with the night vision it must be lit up or you will find that it will be too hard for you to see. But a good quality kit will help to improve visibility exponentially in low light conditions.

All you Raccoon and Hog hunters definitely need a good night vision scope and here you can find all the information you need to ensure you purchase only the best one that you can afford.

How to choose the best Night Vision Scope

The most important characteristics in a scope can differ from one hunter to the next. Your scope needs will be determined by your primary use for the scope, and as such each hunter will have different needs. However there are a couple things that everyone can keep into consideration when choosing the best night vision scope for their needs.


You want to look at the magnification of a scope, to find out how much magnification you will need you need to know what your average distance from your target usually is. A scope with bigger magnification will help you see targets further away.


This measurement is usually in millimeters and tells you the size of the diameter of the objective. This feature is what indicates the focal abilities of the scope.

Field of Vision

You may want to choose a scope with a wider field of vision (FOV) based on how you want your image to view from left to right. A wider FOV will help you to cover more area without moving when hunting this comes in handy.


This feature speaks to how clearly you see images through your scope. A larger resolution means better picture and can lead to a more accurate shot.


We are pretty sure that even those looking for affordable options also want scopes that will be durable enough to last them some time. You want to choose scopes that are made from Titanium or Aluminum as these materials are very resilient and durable.

What to look for in a good Night Vision Scope

You want to ensure that you choose a night vision scope that can mount to standard rails while providing precision you would get from your traditional day scope.

You want to choose a good optic that will offer you up to 200 yards of clear image. Between 150 and 200 yards you should be able to clearly distinct if what is in view if your target or not.

If you will be working in total darkness you will need a scope that has the infrared illumination (IR) feature and you also want to choose a unit that offers good quality brightness. This is measured in lumens; a unit with 300 lumens offers a pretty high amount of brightness.

A good scope will be lightweight so it will be easy for you to carry and move around in stealth mode. A feature that goes hand in hand with the weight of the product is the battery life. You want a scope that can be operated for up to 50 hours continuously so that it can last for those all night hunting vigils.

And finally you want to consider your budget, you don’t have to purchase a really expensive scope but you want to purchase one that provides great value for the money that you spend on it.

You could purchase something really expensive and be able to find something of comparable quality and with comparable features at a lower price so bear that in mind.





  Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope $  4.4/5
  Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope $  4.2/5
  Firefield FF26014T Tactical Night Vision Rifle Scope with Internal Focusing, 2.5 x 50 $  4.5/5
  NITESITE Viper Short Range Scope Mounted Night Vision System $  4.7/5
  Yukon NVRS Titanium 1.5×42 Night Vision Rifle Scope, Weaver Mount $  4/5
  Yukon Exelon 3×50 Night Vision Scope $  5/5
  Pulsar PL76018AT Sentinel GS 3×60 Night Vision Riflescopes with QD Weaver Mount $  4/5
  ATN PS28 Gen 2 Day/Night Clip-On Night Vision Scope $$  4.3/5
  Armasight Drone Pro 10X Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope Resolution 752×582 $$$  5/5
  Pulsar PL76315 Digisight N770 Digital Night Vision Riflescope $$$  5/5

Sightmark Photon XT 4.6x42S Digital Night Vision Riflescope

The Sightmark Photon XT is made with an outer design that is inspired by outer space. This night vision scope has a very unique design and is very slim when compared to other night vision optics that tends to be a bit bulky.  You will like the long thin tube that is connected to the night vision scope which in itself is also compact.

Sightmark intentionally created this type of design to combine a night vision monocular with a rifle scope. Because of its slim design this particular night vision scope is around 30% lighter than other models it competes with.

While the Photon XT from Sightmark is lighter it doesn’t hold back where visibility is concerned as it has a higher magnification than many of its market competitors. With a 4.6 power optic and a 42 millimeter objective this night vision scope will offer you a clear and wide view consistently.

With a variety of six reticles you will find that this scope is ideal for many different uses. You will find reticles available in white, green and red along with two crossbow reticles that are made with differing feet per second ratings.

There are also two duplex reticles that are ideal for your close range hunting and shooting along with the two mil dot reticles that will be your go to when you need a longer range to ensure you don’t spook your prey.

Along with all of that this is one of the best night vision scopes as it features windage and digital elevation adjustment tools which ensure that you get the most precise adjustments to ensure a more accurate shot.

The manufacturers go above and beyond by including a video output device which gives syou the ability to record your hunt. This is a nice feature for the serious hunter who can then reply their hunt to see what they did wrong and how they can improve their future hunts.

We are pretty sure you love all the features that this night vision scope from Sightmark has to offer. It is a really well made scope with a number of features that allow it to stand above the competition.

You will love the lightweight and compact design even so much more since you don’t lose any features with the compact design. And last but not least you will love that this model offers more battery life than its competitors making it an excellent choice for your all night hunting experiences.

Armasight ORION 5X Gen 1+ Night Vision Rifle Scope

You will find a highly advanced scope in the ORION 5X Gen+1 from Armasight. This night vision scope is one of the best in the market because it allows you the hunter a high level of precision in hitting your long range targets.

This night vision scope features an IR810 infrared illuminator which is a very high performance model. This is excellent as it ensures the best visibility in darker conditions when lighting is low.

This model is very tactically efficient in low light conditions thanks to its high rating and high performing IR design. It also offers precise views of your targets further than 50 yards away.

The Armasight ORION 5X Gen+1 is made well with an ergonomic design to ensure that it is easy to use and comfortable as well. You will adapt to this unit quickly thanks to its intuitive design even if it is your first night vision scope.

It is made with a rubberized body that is water resistant and rugged to ensure its durability. With its water resistant design it is great for hog hunters who may find that they sometimes have to hunt in wet conditions.

Another feature that makes it ideal for hog hunters is the variable reticle brightness feature that helps to ensure better clarity when hunting in conditions where the light level is low.

This optics is created to be shock proof so they can stand the test of hard night hunting and a couple drops. Its rubberized body lends to its water resistant nature while helping it to be easier to handle. The unit comes with an infrared illuminator which you can easily detach if you don’t need it.

It offers magnification up to 5X to enhance your precision by allow you a clearer view of your target to help you get a better shot. This unit will mount to your standard weaver rails and its controls are very conveniently placed as they are user friendly as well.

With variable reticle brightness this is ideal for varying light conditions and a 40 hour battery life makes it a great choice for your all night hunts.

Firefield FF26014T Tactical Night Vision Rifle Scope with Internal Focusing

The Firefield FF26014T is one of the best night vision scopes thanks to its durable make and its high quality technology features. The unit is designed to look sleek while being extremely durable thanks to its body being made with titanium.

This is one of the best materials you will find when it comes to night vision scope construction. This night vision scope really stands above the rest in its class. It is designed to be ergonomic so that you can comfortable operate and install it with ease even if it is your first time using a scope.

This Firefield model features internal focusing ability along with a 500mm object to ensure high resolution in low light conditions. The lens covers flips up to reveal the optics which are high quality and multi-coated along with an illuminated reticle.

The built in illuminator features powerful infrared pulse and can easily be activated and when activated it enhances the brightness of your images and also increases your range when in total darkness.  Additional features of this night vision scope are the remote, elevation adjustment and precision windage adjustment.

The Firefield FF26014 night vision scope features an extended weaver mount design which is specially designed so that it can be used with your bolt action rifle.

It offers high quality generation 1 resolution and imaging in its robust titanium alloy frame. What all these features allow this scope to offer is unequivocal accuracy and quality.

You will find that at short distances you will get single shot accuracy with this unit and the reviews on it attest to its accuracy. With internal adjustment along with the external adjustment capabilities you can easily get great definition with targets past 60 yards away.

You will love how this night vision scope adds accuracy to your hunting. It provides great value for money what with the features and design that it has. Reviewers note that it does greatly increase your visibility at night to ensure a much better hunt.

NiteSite Viper Night Vision Rifle Scope

The NiteSite Viper night vision scope is one of those short range sights that are ideal for use with rimfires and airguns. The unit has an illumination range of up to 110 yards coupled with an infra-red LED light mounted at the lamp’s middle.

A unique feature of this and all NiteSite scopes is that they can be used during the day time and provides digital color imaging in the day and clear black and white imaging in the night. You mount the power pack to the scope with a strap and this will last up to 7 ½ hours on the low IR power setting.

The NiteSite Viper night vision scope has an identification range of 100 meters and can be used with any caliber weapon. It features 3.5 inch display screen, a 3.5 mm, 4 pin jack video output and on one set of batteries its operational run time is up to 7 ½ hours.

Its features are minimal and ensure that it comes at an affordable price. Since it is a short range unit it is ideal for personal and up close hunting.

It still offers high quality night vision using its powerful infrared illuminator which remains invisible to both people and animals while it works. This unit will allow you to clearly identify your target up to 110 yards or 100 meters away.

The image is captured by a digital camera through the rifle scope unit that is attached to the eyepiece of the scope then the hunter can see this through the LCD screen that is integrated into the unit.

The video out jack allows you to record your entire night of hunting which can be great feedback so you can have better hunts in the future.

This unit, like other scopes from NiteSite makes unique use of infrared illumination. They ensure that you get this quality technology at a more affordable cost. The unit is also very user friendly and extremely reliable when compared to other traditional technologies used for light amplification.

You will love that this night vision scope delivers, clear and crisp images regardless of how dark your surroundings are especially for short range applications.

Yukon NVRS Titanium Night Vision Rifle Scope

The Yukon NVRS titanium night vision scope is much larger than your average night vision scope. It makes a big statement in appearance but it is not as heavy as it may seem which a big plus is. The manufacturer has managed to keep this robust design while making the unit lightweight thanks to the fact that is made from Titanium.

The titanium makes it lightweight but at the same time extremely strong and durable. With an extra-long scope mount this model from Yukon will work with almost any type of rifle out there and the extra-long scope mount also helps to support and balance out the optic since it is so large in size.

One of the advantages of this scope being so large is that it offers an objective lens with a wide 42 mm capacity and when it comes to night vision you should know that a wider objective lens means better images, more clarity and a wider range of view.

The magnification on this Yukon night vision scope is low at just 1.5 fixed but you get a very wide field of view. The good news is that you can get more magnification with the use of a double which will increase magnification to 3 times if you need it.

The reticle comes in a simple crosshair style illuminated red contrasting with green. You can turn this scope into a camera lens with just a digital camera and one additional accessory.

With the powerful pulse infrared illuminator on this model you will love how you can get visibility even when there is no ambient lighting present in your environment.

This is great for nights without the moon – so with this no longer do you have to cut your hunt short because of not enough ambient light.


There is a whole new world out there for hunters thanks to night vision. No more basic monocular that costs way too much money while not providing you with great viewing. Now you can get an affordable night vision scope that is lightweight and that has all the features to have you going on good hunts every night of the hunting season.